This Is Why Kate Middleton Always Sits the Same Way

It’s no accident Kate Middleton takes perfect pictures — the Duchess of Cambridge has her go-to poses down to a science. In fact, any royal enthusiast will know that Kate always sits exactly the same whenever the cameras start snapping: knees and ankles together (not crossed!) and her legs tilted to one side.

Just check out the evidence:

 The royal’s signature position has even earned its own nickname amongst etiquette experts. “Typically ‘the Duchess Slant’ is used when a lady has to sit for an extended amount of time while keeping poise and posture,” Myka Meier, founder and director of Beaumont Etiquette, told People. “It is the perfect pose for when a camera is shooting directly in front of you because by slightly slanting the knees…your legs are angled so that the camera only shoots the sides of your legs and protects your modesty.”

While it may carry her title, Kate didn’t invent the pose — Princess Diana also used the exact same technique:

Source: Daily Mail

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