Exclusive Gourmet Partner of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards

Yasa Caviar proudly becomes an Exclusive Gourmet Partner of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards and promises to pamper the guests of the Awards Gala Ceremony 2016 Middle East&Africa with nothing but luxurious delicacy, offering the unique experience of tasting fresh harvested Yasa Caviar, “A La Royale”, as well as a selection of the most luxurious Hand Carved Artisan Smoked Sturgeon dressed in canapés.

With a history of desire, the exotic and enchanted world of Yasa Caviar, proudly produced byEmirates AquaTech in United Arab Emirates has, without a doubt, remained in the position of front-runner in the new technological phase of aquaculture.

Their brightness evokes a real treasure; it is smooth on the palate revealing a pleasant creaminess when crushing it. This caviar is characterized by the purity of its taste, with a smooth lightness and woody flavor on your palate.

It demystifies the experience, with a celebration of the moment and a promise of the future, Yasa Caviar makes you feel special.

Source: http://luxpersons.com

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