10 Best Luxury Hostels in Europe

Most people don’t think of luxury when they think of hostels. Generally speaking, hostels tend to be simple and only offer the very basics. There is a growing trend in Europe, however, where ordinary hostels are going from rustic to glamorous. You can now find some luxurious hostels throughout Europe, ideal for the backpacker more interested in sleeping well than saving money.

Historic houses on the central town square of Delft , Holland

1. PLUS Berlin, Berlin, Germany


PLUS Berlin is one of the newest additions to the PLUS chain. It’s no ordinary hostel, either. The hospitality is more like a hotel, with an indoor swimming pool, a sauna and a bar and restaurant, as well as a small café. Choose from hostel dorm rooms or more elaborate hotel apartments. Free WiFi is available and the staff is incredibly helpful, making this one of the most amazing hostels in the world.

2. Oasis Backpacker’s Palace, Seville, Spain


Many luxury hostels use existing buildings and Oasis is one of them. The hostel is inside a 19th century building with features like a wide marble staircase, wrought iron railings, stained glass windows and towering ceilings. Add to this the antique furniture and you have a hostel that feels more like you’ve stepped back in time in a mansion. Dorms and private rooms are available and the bunk beds offer lockable drawers under them. If you are in the mood for a beer, there is a rooftop bar, right next to the outdoor pool.


3. Independente Hostel, Lisbon, Portugal


With an Art Deco theme, Independente is a beautiful hostel throughout. The dorms are spacious, thanks to sturdy, triple high bunk beds that feature stairs to reach your bunk. Each bed has individual reading lights and outlets, but the real luxury lies in the antique and reclaimed furniture used to flesh out the simply decorated spaces. There is a popular restaurant, The Decadente, built into the hostel, where locals and tourists flock to enjoy amazing food from local ingredients.

4. Dream Hostel, Tampere, Finland


Large, clean and spacious are the best words to describe the Dream Hostel in Finland. The simplistic design and bright, clean colors make the entire building feel luxurious. There are several dorms to choose from, both female-only and mixed rooms with 4-16 beds. Free WiFi is offered, as is rich Colombian coffee with unlimited refills. You will be a short walk from the train station and several sights.


5. Safestay Hostel, London, England


Safestay Hostel in the Elephant and Castle is a brightly decorated hostel with plenty of amenities. The dorms offer comfy duvets and curtains, a true luxury in a hostel. Families are welcome at the Safestay and special rooms are offered just for this purpose. The heated garden is the perfect place to hang out during the day, no matter what the weather. You’ll also have access to free WiFi and a free continental breakfast.


6. U Hostels, Madrid, Spain


Another hostel based out of an older building, U Hostels was once a 19th century palace. It’s a short jaunt from the Metro station, so you can go anywhere you like within minutes. The rooms are all amazing and feature very comfortable beds and reading lights for each bunk. Wi-Fi is available throughout the hostel. If you want to watch a movie, there is a private cinema. Free breakfast is offered, but there are even better options on the menu if you pay.

7. Ostello Bello, Milan, Italy


As soon as you check into this hostel, you’re offered a free drink, which sets the bar for quality service. The hostel is a hot spot for locals and tourists alike, so you will be sure to meet plenty of new friends. Breakfast is available for free at any point throughout the day. Enjoy some sunning time on one of the two terraces or head out to see the sights. The rooms are large and comfortable, with en suite bathrooms.


8. Maverick Hostel & Ensuites, Budapest, Hungary


Maverick is centrally located in a renovated mansion. It offers a 24 hour supermarket, fully equipped kitchens and free television and WiFi on each floor. You won’t find any bunk beds around this hostel. Both dorms and private rooms offer comfortable beds that everyone can enjoy. There are a number of different spaces, but the overall feeling is one of peace and luxury.


9. NosDa Studio Hostel, Copenhagen, Denmark


NosDa is located in a former 3 star hotel. The building has been refurbished and brought up to date. It features a café bar, art gallery, library and a sports bar. There are quiz nights, too, which bring in the locals, as well as guests. No one could be bored here, with spaces to watch television, a massive DVD collection, games, and books available to all guests. Of course, there’s also all of Copenhagen to explore, as well.


10.Balmer’s Herberge, Interlaken, Switzerland


Balmer’s was built in 1945 and is the oldest private hostel in the entire country. Thanks to the old school values, the hostel is luxurious. It offers both private and dorm rooms. The entire hostel is clean and very friendly, with friendly staff ready to help you plan your day around Interlaken.

With so many luxury hostels to choose from, it might be difficult to decide where to stay. Nearly every country in Europe now has high end hostels and despite the offerings, they’re still affordable.

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