8 Popular Ladies Who Earn More Money Than Their Boyfriends

Females from Hollywood’s creme de la creme are really bringing home their finances, and even more than their fiancées. Nothing wrong about women earning more than males, and Hollywood can’t spare that.

Meet 8 celebrity girls from Oprah to Nicole Richie – all of them are more rich than their husbands and boyfriends.

1. Anne Hathaway
New Catwoman has 15 million for herself and her husband, actor and jewellery designer Adam Shulman. Will Anne fund his creativity in the future?

2. Nicole Richie
This actress’ common worth is $35 million. Joel Madden, her significant other, has only $16 million.


3. Gisele Bundchen
This top model is number 56 in celebrity top 100 of Forbes magazine, and this year she earned nearly 47 million. Her man Tom Brady’s got 30 million for prolonging his contract with New England Patriots. It’s quite impressive for a sportsman, but less than his woman earns.


4. Julia Roberts
Oscar lady’s husband, cameraman Daniel Moder has to thank god for such a golden girl. She’s got estimated worth of $140 million these days.


5. Kate Moss
Forbes writes that top-model Kate earns nearly $70 million every year, and her husband Jamie Hince, a musician, definitely is not so rich for now.


6. Beyonce
Beyonce is most successful celebrity of our time with 1st place in Forbes list and $115 million in her pocket. Her hubby Jay-Z is the 6th and only 60 million earned in 2014.


7. Jessica Simpson
This beau blonde is not only an actress and singer, she’s also a designer with fashion empire worth 1 million dollars. Her man Eric Johnson is former footballer, and he surely can’t get more.


8. Oprah Winfrey
Oprah is one of the richest celebs today. She has overall worth of astonishing $2.9 billion, and this year O has earned $82 million – and new TV season hasn’t started yet! She has 4th place in Forbes list, and her longtime love Stedman Graham earns less despite he is a renowned writer and successful businessman. No one can beat Oprah!



Source: http://wmnlife.com/celebrities/8-popular-ladies-who-earn-more-money-than-their-boyfriends

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