Leonardo DiCaprio – Booze, Boobs & That Beard … In Private Island Bash

Leonardo DiCaprio ran an experiment on New Year’s Day — can a guy with the beard of a homeless dude get a bunch of chicks to party with him in St. Barts?

You can see the results of Dr. DiCaprio’s testing in these photos. Go ahead and click through the gallery — he gathered a lot of evidence. Very hot evidence.

Leo shuttled a bunch of chicks — half a dozen or so — to a private beach only accessible by boat to celebrate 2015. While he smoked a vape pen and took in the scenery … a staff of 5 served Leo and co. from a full bar on the beach.

Even for Leo … this is one helluva party.

Source: http://www.tmz.com/2015/01/02/leonardo-dicaprio-st-bart-private-beach-party-girls-photos/#ixzz3Nl8lY0Ve

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