New trend in shopping centers

The second Forum of shopping centers and retail – CP Retail took place in Kiev. Many specialists who are engaged in retail and development fields discussed the important topics of the market such as nowadays market reality and tendencies of the Ukrainian business.

Many experts have thought that the main characteristic of the RE market is the new approach and tools for Ukrainian shopping centers management in digital era. The development of Internet and digital technologies leads to shopping centers   changing, so there are new tenants, even new anchor tenants and new management strategies.

– If to say about Ukraine you can see the changing of buyers’ behavior  because of the development of digital area, and in Europe there are structure changings in shopping centers concepts and new  leasing conditions.  There was a report about it at the last European Consult Committee meeting in Munich. According to the research, the more important is commercialization of shopping centers, growth of  F&B operators, increasing of tenants who engaged in services like clinics, fitness, libraries and even government and local authorities representative offices. All these businesses help to get enough profit for shops besides of e-commerce, promote people to shopping centers and make convenient life for common people, – Maksym Gavryushyn says, the commercial director of BudHouse Group, the Chairman of the National ICSC Committee in Ukraine. – So, there are new rules for tenant mix and we pay more attention to food, different services and life style operators.


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