Bespoke luxury safes by Buben & Zörweg

Buben & Zörweg is a world leader in premium safes that enable men to savour, safeguard and, more often than not, show off, their most treasured possessions. When it comes to housing the most precious items belonging to some of the wealthiest men in the world, it is hardly surprising that the design of the safe itself often takes on a personal meaning for the collector. A customized safe by Buben & Zörweg is an opportunity for a collector to express his personality and individuality in the most indulgent of ways. A Buben & Zörweg masterpiece is always a piece of art, a room centerpiece, and more often than not the focus of animated conversation.

Buben & Zörweg has produced its One-77 safe with an exterior to perfectly match the exterior of an Aston Martin One-77 Supercar, preparing five samples of aluminium before getting the client’s final approval. When the doors of this one-of-a-kind One-77 safe glide open, the hi-fi system faithfully plays the sound of the owner’s Supercar engine starting up. Buben & Zörweg has also personalized its X-007, the only safe in the world with an interior that elevates at the touch of a button, turning it into a 360 degree high-security glass showcase for the owner’s objet d’art – this, even though the X-007 is usually designed to encase a miscellany of watches, jewellery, documents and other valuables. When this particular X-007 opens, rising upwards, the owner’s favourite music tracks play automatically.

The team from Buben & Zörweg regularly sit for hours with their clients to make such creations a reality, combining the expertise of in-house engineers, clockmakers, security experts and interior designers, while clients consider the merits of German bull neck leather, the hue of a lacquer finish, the difference between European and American walnut burl wood, the preferred location of another secret compartment or the optimum temperature to enhance cigar flavour and long-term value. One such client was so thrilled with the recent installation of his three Grand Collectors, one customised for his watches, one for his jewellery and one for his rifles and handguns, that he has just repeated the exact same order for his second home.


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